What to look for when purchasing Land

What to look for when purchasing Land

I  will  be  the  first  to  admit  that  buying  land  in  the British  Virgin  Islands  can  be  complicated  and sometimes a frustrating process. Within this article, I hope to demystify the art of purchasing your first land  lot  to  make  it  your  own.  If  your  finances  areright,  you  have  enough  for  a  down  payment,  and you have already had a quick conversation with the bank;  allow  me  to  help  you  navigate  how  to purchase  a  piece  of  paradise.

There  are  3  main things  to  consider  when  purchasing  property,  they are  grade  of  the  land,  access  to  the  land  and  the view.

The grade of the land or the steepness of the land  can  affect  your  buildable  area.  Steeper land   requires   more   square   footage   of buildable space to construct. The  contours,  which  gives  an  indication  on the  steepness  of  the  land,  can  be  viewed  on the  topographic  map;  commonly  referred  in the  BVI  as  an  Aerial.  If  the  lines  on  the contours are close, the land is steep where as if the lines are spread out, the land is not as steep. Ask your Real estate Agent for a copy of the Aerial to have an idea of the grade of the land.

The  location  of  the  road  access  is  important when viewing the land. Your real estate agent should be able to give you a survey map and point  out  to  you  the  location  of  the  road access. During due diligence period, after you have  an  offer  accepted,  you  should  hire  a licensed surveyor   to   physically   show   you   the boundaries  of  the  property  and  the  road access.  The  access  of  your  road  should  also be  listed  on  the  title  of  the  property  which can be obtained from the Land Registry

Last but not least is the view. Ocean view, beach view or hillside view, it is important that  you  as  the  buyer  know  what  you would like to see when you wake up in the morning.  This  is  a  personal  choice  and should be a major factor in your decision.

There are other aspects of land that should be  considered  such  as  pavement  of  the road   access,   covenants   on   the   land, location  of  utilities  and  anomalies  on  the land such as waterways aka ghuts. Be sure to  ask  your  Real  Estate  agent  all  these questions and if you are looking for expert land  advisors  be  sure  to  contact  Emerald Properties BVI so we can guide you to the perfect piece of land for you.

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