Large Land Lot, Duff Bottom

Unleash Your Development Dreams: Duff Bottom Large Land Lot

Calling all developers, investors, and dreamers! This expansive land lot in Duff’s Bottom presents a rare opportunity to turn your vision into reality.

Perfectly Situated for Success:

  • Normal Slope: This ideal characteristic allows for easier construction and reduces development costs.
  • Amazing Southward Views: Breathtaking vistas add immense value to any future project, maximizing its appeal.
  • Great Access to the Main Road: Seamless connectivity ensures convenience for residents or future tenants.
  • Minutes to Town: Residents will enjoy easy access to shops, restaurants, and all the vibrancy town life offers.

Flexible Potential:

This versatile property is ideally suited for a multitude of projects:

  • Subdivision Dream: Carve out charming residential lots perfect for young families or downsizers.
  • Family Estate Potential: Build your dream home surrounded by ample space and stunning views.
  • Development Paradise: This land is perfect for apartment or townhome construction, catering to growing demand.

Invest in Your Future:

Duff Bottom Large Land Lot presents an unbeatable opportunity to secure your future or launch a lucrative development project. Don’t miss out! Contact Akeem today to schedule a viewing and discuss the endless possibilities this incredible property holds.


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Akeem Wheatley
  • ย  ย  ย Telephone: +1 (284) 541-6861
  • ย  ย  ย Email:
Price:$$395,000 USD
Address:Duff Bottom

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