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British Virgin Islands Pet Passport

BVI pet relocation - Pet Passport & Quarantine Information

The British Virgin Islands are pet-friendly, however, there are strict health rules that must be followed when it comes to international pet travel and BVI pet relocation. Where warranted, there could be three to six months of quarantine if pets have not been properly documented and inoculated.

The BVI is a rabies-free territory. The regulations for bringing pets into the BVI depend on whether their home country is known to have outbreaks of rabies, such as mainland USA & Canada. (See the list of countries below.)

In order to protect against the spread of this and other diseases, the following regulations are strictly adhered to and enforced by the Department of Agriculture, Veterinary Division:

Your dog or cat will be permitted entry into the British Virgin Islands only if accompanied by an Animal Health Certificate issued by the veterinary authority (government) in the country of origin. This certificate must be presented with proper identification of the animal and warrants that:

  • The pet is healthy and free from symptoms of infectious or contagious disease
  • The pet has been treated against internal and external parasites
  • The pet, if a dog, has been vaccinated against canine parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis/adenovirus, parainfluenza, Leptospirosis, and Lyme disease
  • The pet, if a cat, has been vaccinated against panleukopenia, feline rhinotracheitis, Feline Calicivirus, and Feline Leukemia
  • The area of origin is not currently under rabies quarantine
  • The pet has had at least two inactivated rabies vaccines (the first not earlier than three months of age and another at least six months later)
  • A serological test has determined the presence of adequate virus neutralizing antibody titres, prior to departure from home (four months after the first inoculation and at least one month after the second or subsequent vaccines)

Pets will be permitted to enter the BVI up to 12 months after their last booster shot, subject to positive blood tests. Original vaccination certificate and laboratory test reports must accompany the animal. The pet must be found clinically healthy upon arrival in the BVI, whether via pet air travel or ferry.

More information on BVI pet relocation is available from the department of agriculture.

BVI Pet Relocation - Pet Quarantine Procedures and Costs

The Veterinary Division of the Department of Agriculture must be given at least 24 hours’ notice of confirmed arrival date, time, airline or vessel, and port of entry. This will avoid unnecessary delays and possible detention of animal for veterinary clearance at the port of entry.

The pet will be taken from the port of entry directly to a place of quarantine and will be held there for a period of three to six months (which will be determined upon arrival). Young animals not subjected to vaccination and serology are allowed entry under special quarantine arrangements. All costs associated with quarantine are to be borne by the owner.

All required conditions must be met and all documents including Import Permit, Veterinary Health Certificate, Vaccination Certificate, and laboratory test reports must be presented at the port of disembarkation. A lack of proper documentation could result in worst-case scenarios of deportation or euthanasia.

Conditions of Entry for Certain “Rabies-free” Countries

All of the above regulations apply as well, but pets coming from one of the countries listed below must have been in their home country for at least six months immediately preceding importation to the British Virgin Islands. Additional certification must show that there has been no Rabies among unquarantined animals in the country of origin/export for the past 24 months.

The scheduled countries are currently:







New Zealand

Republic of Ireland

St. Kitts


St. Lucia

St. Vincent

US Virgin Islands

United Kingdom

For more information and advice, please contact:

Department of Agriculture
Chief Agricultural Officer

BVI Government Line
(ask for Agricultural Dept.)

BVI Humane Society of Tortola