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BVI Mail & Post Office Explained

Although there are many local shops and stores for British Virgin Islands residents to buy everything they need, so many prefer to buy online and have goods shipped in. Since there are no direct addresses for homes or businesses in the BVI, BVI mail and postal delivery services are limited to your local BVI post office.

The BVI Post Office offers a PO box with a BVI local address, although there may be a waiting list. Private mailbox companies make it easier to shop online by providing United States addresses instead of a British Virgin Islands postal code.

To get a PO box with a Miami, Florida address:

  • JML,  284-494-8583
  • Tortola Express/Aeropost  284-394-0707

To get a PO box with a US Virgin Islands address:

  • Khoys Mail Services  284-494-4539

BVI Mail - Duty-free Imports for New Residents

There is a six-month duty-free grace period for each adult immigrant (or off-islanders who plan to stay more than six months). Up to $1,000 USD worth of used possessions and furnishings can be brought to the BVI without incurring duty tax. This applies only within six months of first arrival in the BVI, so to save money, be sure to arrange transport for your possessions via freight-shipping companies in your home country.

After the six-month grace period, most goods shipped in are subject to duty at a rate which varies between 5% and 20%. However, there is no tax on books and other reading materials or computers.

Shipping Freight To/From BVI

FedEx and DHL both have offices on Tortola.

There are a number of BVI-based shipping companies that will work with shippers in other countries.

Contact information for local freight shippers:

Crowley Shipping
EZ Shipping Port Purcell Roundabout
(opposite the Port Purcell dock)
Road Town, Tortola
British Virgin Islands

Tropical Shipping
Port Purcell Seaport:
Island Shipping & Trading
PO Box 250
Road Town, Tortola
British Virgin Islands
(fax: 284-494-3505)

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