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BVI Health Care - Medical Insurance

If you are relocating to the British Virgin Islands, it’s important to be aware of the BVI health care system. One of the first things you will want to arrange is national health insurance. There are a number of agencies offering healthcare plans under the BVI health services authority.

There is no free BVI health care here. Although the BVI is a territory of the UK, its citizens won’t be able to use their NHS coverage as British Virgin Islands health care. Some local employers do cover medical insurance in part or in full for their employees but this is not a requirement like it is in the United States.

BVI Health Care - World-class Health Providers

The level of BVI medical care is on par with global standards of care. That said, many ex-pats prefer to travel to their home country for serious health conditions and/or schedule routine check-ups and tests when they are visiting their families and friends back home.

Since the BVI is so close to the US Virgin Islands, some people will also head there for treatments that are not readily available in the BVI. Air transport off-island is also available in the case of a medical emergency via the Medical Air Service (MASA).

BVI Hospitals, Doctors, and Clinics

Our largest hospital, Peebles, is a modern, recently updated facility with a full laboratory with X-ray equipment, specialty departments, and the Road Town Clinic. There is also a smaller private hospital along with a number of private doctor clinics throughout the BVI and there are a number of dental clinics also available.

Here are medical/dental phone numbers and locations for your convenience:

Peebles Hospital
Road Town

Eureka Medical Clinic
Road Town

B&F Medical Complex
Road Town

Bougainvillea Clinic
Road Town

352 James Walter Francis Hwy
Road Town

Premier Dental
Skelton Bay Lot