ATM Banking Locations in the BVI

BVI Banks and ATMs

If you’re relocating to the British Virgin Islands, you’ll be happy to know the BVI banks and ATMS are part of a world-class banking system. You won’t need to master complicated exchange rates or learn a new system to open a BVI bank account if you’re from North America, as our official BVI currency is actually the US dollar!

Both the US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands use the North American dollar system. Due to the close proximity of the BVI to the USVI, there is much trade between the two countries. That’s the reason the US Dollar (USD) has been the official currency of the BVI since 1959.

Tortola BVI Banks and ATMs

  • EIS Airport: Banco Popular
  • East End, (Below Thelma’s Restaurant): First Caribbean
  • Port Purcell: First Caribbean
  • Rite Way Pasea: Republic Bank 
  • One Mart Store: First Caribbean
  • Wickhams Cay II Moorings: First Caribbean
  • Wickhams Cay I: Republic Bank, First Bank, First Caribbean, Banco Popular
  • Nanny Cay Taxi Stand: First Bank
  • Cane Garden Bay, Myett’s: Banco Popular
  • Cane Garden Bay, Bobby’s Supermarket: Republic Bank

Virgin Gorda BVI Banks and ATMs

  • Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour: First Caribbean
  • Spanish Town, Lee Road: First Bank
  • Spanish Town: Republic Bank